Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saving Tomato Seeds

Saving Tomato Seeds
Zucchini and the .357 Target Practice

What happens to a zucchini when shot with a .357? In this video, we discuss all kinds of things from saving tomato seeds to planting a whole tomato right in the ground. Yes, we planted a whole, vine-ripened tomato right in the ground and covered it with grass clippings. Crazy? Maybe...unless it works...then everyone will start doing it. Oh yea. Don't forget...we answer the question: What happens to a zucchini when shot with a .357 hand gun?

Saving seeds use to be a mystery to me. However, in recent years I have come to realize that if someone else can do it, so can I. Sure, there are a few limitations; as a 42-year-old over-weight nurse, my chances for piloting the space shuttle are slim to none. Saving seeds will be a mission here on earth that I will be successful with.

Have you ever heard of The Self Sufficient Homestead? The couple who produce their podcast also has a seed trading site that is FREE to use. Here is the link to the seed site:

The link to the Self Sufficient Homestead is:

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